10 Years of Research

The following pages describes the results of using the Cognitive Brain Mapping (CBM) technology developed by EINA® to investigate:

1) human cognitive functions such as: language understanding; visual processing; language and visual integration; reading; listening or reading; humor appreciation; visual recall; imagining; marketing decision; dilemma judgment; vote decision; etc and

2) the neurocognitive development of the school age children. Learning disabilities and mental deficiency have being studied with the CBM technology and the results of these studies were used to develop new teaching technologies (www.enscer.com.br).

A total of 514 people (269 males/245 females; 186 adults/328 children; 90 normal/238 disabled children) were studied. The disabled (learning disabilities or mental deficient) were EEG monitored during up to 4 years and correlated with their school progress.